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Festivals - September
(Specific excerpts taken from the publication issued by the Agency for the Promotion of Tourism in Umbria, 2000.)

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Also in Citta di Castello, the National Horse Fair offers competitions, races, auctions and performances providing a complete picture of the major aspects of the world of horses.

Quintana Tournament in FolignoThe Quintana Tournament in Foligno is inspired by a horseback contest, dating back to the 17th century, to determine the order of priority for an honorable knight in his allegiance to the prince or to his lady love. Skills are proven by attempting, at a gallop, to transfix on a lance a series of rings progressively diminishing in size.. An authentic costume parade is held on the eve of the competition.

The Baroque Traces Festival is held in Foligno and is comprised of musical, theatrical and cinematographic events and exhibits demonstrating a baroque quality. The search of baroque includes not only the 17th century representations but later influences and revivals as well.

Perugia Classico is the most important exhibition of acoustical musical instruments in Italy. Italian and foreign instrument makers exhibit works of the highest craftsmanship.

The Games of the Gates are held in Gualdo Tadino. Preceded by a historic procession, this event revives the contest between the "Four Gates" of the town. The challenges include donkey races, archery and sling shot competitions. The victors set fire to the "Bastola", a witch that is enemy to the town. Characteristic taverns provide great places for meeting friends and sampling local specialties.

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