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Festivals - June
(Specific excerpts taken from the publication issued by the Agency for the Promotion of Tourism in Umbria, 2000.)

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The Festival of the Palombello was introduced in Orvieto in the 15th century. A dove is placed on a lantern and is lowered to a tabernacle on the steps of the Cathedral. Predictions for the coming year are then drawn depending on how the ceremony proceeds.

Gaite FairThe Gaite Fair in Bevagna is a great way to get a feel for daily life in the Middle Ages. Along the streets and in the nooks and crannies of this ancient medieval city , the inhabitants of the 4 town districts vie with one another in attempts to recreate typical workshops, inns and markets of those times. Traditional craftwork is the primary focus with master artisans using ancient techniques to produce exclusive objects. Shows, concerts and exhibits enliven the evenings.

In Spello, floral murals line the streets in the Corpus Christi Floral Festival. The huge floral compositions representing religious scenes and figures as well as ornamental motifs create a highly evocative scene. Though the preparations take weeks of work, the murals themselves are accomplished in a single night. Motifs of brilliant colors and subtle shades are obtained by using only the most carefully chosen flower petals, seeds and leaves.

In Orvieto, this procession celebrates the miracle which occurred in 1264 while, a priest saying mass at the tomb of St. Catherine, saw blood flowing and staining the liturgical cloth. The ancient relic has since then been carried through the streets of the town in commemoration. 400 participants take part in the procession donning rich costumes. On the eve of the festival, there is a parade with costumes, music, songs and dance.

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