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Festivals - April, May
(Specific excerpts taken from the publication issued by the Agency for the Promotion of Tourism in Umbria, 2000.)

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April in Todi
Todi proudly hosts the Italian Antique Exhibition, presenting the most prestigious names in the Italian antique trade. Held in the Palazzo del Vignola in Todi's historic center, glimpsing this ancient restored palace is reason enough to attend. Antique lovers will be in awe over the ancient treasures including antique furniture, paintings, jewelry, carpets, bronze and ceramics.

Casteglione de Lago, near Lake Trasimeno sports a Kite Flying Festival. The aim is to promote the values of the Trasimeno area which is based on environmental and cultural values. The kite was chosen as the symbol because it brings to mind simple pleasures and a respect for nature. Everyone is invited, both participant and spectator.

Terni celebrates the return of Spring with the Cantimaggio Festival. Allegorical floats are prepared for a procession through the crowded streets. Exhibits, performances and theater presentations precede and follow the festival day.

Assisi's National Antique Fair has drawn public attention due to the high quality of its exhibits and the fact that the most widely esteemed antique dealers are sure to be represented.

Narni Ring RaceNarni honors St. Juvenal in it's annual Ring Race. This festival dates back to the 14th century and consists of a competition in which youth dressed in traditional historic garb attempt to retrieve, using a lance, a ring suspended between two structures. The town is decked with torches and flags and a procession of people in traditional costumes is staged on the eve of the race.

The International Rowing Regatta is held every year in Lake Piediluco. This is a top level competition and participants include world and Olympic champions. Small side events are also a part of the manifestation.

Ceri Race FestivalThe Ceri Race Festival in Gubbio is celebrated the middle of May. The "Ceri" are huge wooden structures supporting the statues of St. Ubaldo, St. Giorgio and St. Antonio. They are carried through town to the Basilica of Saint Ubaldo. A cheering and excited crowd follows the ceri-bearers. This is one of the most unusual and popular events in Italy. In fact, the Ceri of Gubbio have been adopted as the coat of arms for the Region of Umbria.

Cascia venerates St. Rita with a torch lit procession which has its origins in the pilgrimages undertaken to honor the Saint. Beginning at Roccaporena, St. Rita's birth place, and joining a historical procession at Cascia, important episodes in the life of the Saint are portrayed.

In Gubbio, a target shooting contest involves bowmen shooting medieval crossbows and dressed in authentic historical costumes. Historical processions and flag waving contests make for an interesting mix of cultural and sporting events.

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