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Festivals - February, March
(Specific excerpts taken from the publication issued by the Agency for the Promotion of Tourism in Umbria, 2000.)

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Italian foodsThe end of February is brightened a bit by the lively Norcia Black Truffle and Specialties Fair. Specialties include the prized black truffles as well as meat products that are world renown (In fact, the meat shops through out Italy are frequently known as "Norceria"). Sausages, salami and cheeses are promoted along with lentils, spelt and wild berries, special products from nearby Castellucio. The exhibit also includes crafts, farming implements and folkloristic entertainment.

The Feast of St. Benedict, the patron saint of Norcia and of Europe heralds the coming of Spring. A torch is transported from a selected capital of Europe to Norcia and there it is delivered to the ambassadors of the European nations. The following day the town revels in displays of its medieval past. Spectacular colors, music and flag waving performances commemorate this occasion along with a cross bow competition.

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