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Festivals - July
(Specific excerpts taken from the publication issued by the Agency for the Promotion of Tourism in Umbria, 2000.)

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The Spoleto Festival is a prestigious international event, originally established with the aim of fostering European and American cultural interaction. Public performances of theater, dance, opera, concerts and art exhibits are the (frequently high priced) focus.

The Water Festival in Piediluco harkens back to ancient tradition. The community celebrated the summer solstice with rites, purification ceremonies, the lighting of fires and a water parade of allegorical craft. Today it includes an illuminated procession of decorated boats, fireworks displays, theatrical performances and concerts.

Perugia Jazz FestivalUmbria Jazz in Perugia is one of the most important jazz events in Europe. Lasting 10 full days with 100 or more outdoor concerts, it attracts people from all over Europe and the U.S. who come to meet the most famous contemporary jazz artists of our day. The performances take place from morning to night among the ancient buildings of Perugia's historic center.

In Passignano, sul Trasimeno, a unique boat race, commemorates the last act of civil war in Perugia when a small army of the Oddi family had to flee hauling their boats on their backs. The present day race involves rowing from the lake to the shore, then transporting the boats to the town's historic center and finally back to the water for a last furious rowing effort.

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