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Greetings from Italy!Kathy and Vezio at Assisi

We are the genuine pomodoro (tomato)! Well, Vezio is at least. Born in Pozzuoli (Naples) Italy, he is a native. Katha is as American as apple pie, (excuse the expression) although she generally passes for Italian as long as verbal communication is not required.

Vezio and Katha met in Venice, Italy in 1987. Vezio spoke very little English and Katha, no Italian! They did find a language all their own however, spending an enchanted month together traveling throughout Italy. The rest, as they say, is history.

Vezio was returning home after a summer in Isola D’Elba. Katha was on a mission; to encounter, first hand, the intensity of this ancient civilization. Having just completed her studies in Berkeley, California in the field of Landscape Architecture, she had to experience it all for herself; the gorgeous villas and gardens, stunning piazzas, amazing art and architecture. Immediately smitten with the allure of Italian culture, design and, of course, cuisine, there was no turning back.

Katha returned to Italy after a brief introduction into the fundamentals of the Italian language. She and Vezio spent the next year together in Lucca (Tuscany). Vezio worked as an artisan in the field of design and wall applications and Katha taught English and Biology (She is also a Registered Nurse) in the local high school. After a few years traveling between their home on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands and Italy, the pair decided to make their summer residence in the picturesque Etruscan village of Todi in Umbria.

Having had such wonderful adventures themselves, it was time to invite a few friends along. In 1998, was born and now offers an array of information and services and fun loving tours. One can also find information on Italian wine, antiques, textiles made in Umbria, jewelry and ceramics from Umbrian artisans as well as tidbits about the culture, festivals, events, etc.

We are close personal friends with the locals and most of our Italian colleagues were first our "buddies". "We want to share this insiders perspective with others," explains Katha. "We love the atmosphere, the cultural opportunities and, of course, the mouth watering Umbrian cuisine (truly a taste treat delight!)." "We couldn't forget to mention the locally produced "vino"! Molto buono!," laughs Vezio.

Join them and their Tour Umbria staff for a one of a kind adventure!

Katha and Vezio

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