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"Memories of our wonderful days in Italy are so real and still alive. We can't begin to “grazie” enough. John keeps remarking from time to time about one event or another. His last comment was about the Enoteca--the music, wine, Roberto and all the fun.

We both cannot express enough appreciation for all the thought and energy put into making this a 'trip of a life time.' Italy is a magnificent country and you represent it so well, always steering us in the right direction towards new adventures. Without your guidance, I would probably still be back in the wine museum or in the Uffizi, trying to see it all and missing what is just around the next corner."

John and Mary Doak / Italy Insight Tour
Grundy Center, Iowa

"Each day since we've returned I've been thinking (and sharing with Don and friends) about the awesome sights and experiences we had during our trip with TourUmbria. Even seasoned travelers can't believe the variety of culture, art, historical sites, seascapes, landscapes, and cities we saw in such a short time and distance.

Your staff did an exceptionally good job planning the itinerary with refreshing changes from city to country to seaside every couple of days! We had a fantastic experience and the trip was everything we had hoped it would be and MORE!”

Anita Geer / Italy Insight Tour
Des Moines, Iowa

"We were overwhelmed by your outstanding Gourmet Tour. The wine museum and the town were interesting and charming. Visiting the Winery was a “one of a kind” experience with Giampiero and his mom cooking lunch for us. The food and wine were exceptional!

The visit to Spello and the tasting at the Enoteca was fantastic. What a place and what an amazing selection of superb wines! We would highly recommend this experience and would do it again in an instant (even though we drank more wine than we should have!).

We loved the Umbrian Hill town tour. We would definitely return to Todi and my wife tells everyone about the Presidente of the smallest theater in the world. This tour was very special and we will remember it for a very long time.

TourUmbria did an outstanding job of introducing us to Umbria. We don’t know why we waited so long to visit. We look forward to returning soon so we WILL be in touch!”

Charlie Coradino / Custom Tour
San Diego, California

"What a fantastic time we had with TourUmbria on the Hidden Gems Tour! We had no clue of the rich and wonderful cultural jewels that lie in this spectacular Region of Italy. Particularly memorable was the visit to the ancient enclave for lunch and the impromptu performance at the smallest theater. We would have had absolutely no idea where begin or how best to use our limited time without your help. TourUmbria held the essential link in making our trip to Italy a roaring success. Grazie!"

Doug and Ev Pelleymounter /Hidden Gems Tour
Northfield, Minnesota

"There is no other way we would have been able to intimately explore the charming locales (Perugia, Todi, Deruta, Orvieto, Assisi (Hill Towns Tour).  Our time in Italy was a most memorable adventure, thanks to TourUmbria.  We especially loved strolling across the ancient Roman bridge and ambling along the Appian Way (is that really original paving???). We also appreciated the one on one interaction with the TourUmbria staff. Our TourUmbria experience was wonderful, beginning to end! Thanks so much!"

Dr. and Ms. Forman / Custom Tour
Orinda, California

"We thoroughly enjoyed our Discovery Tour with TourUmbria, exploring hidden treasures tucked away in magical towns, fascinating tidbits about the history and architecture, quaint cafes and awe inspiring artwork secluded in private chapels. You really know how to “take it to the streets”. By the end of the day, we even found ourselves laughing and “chatting” with the locals, gleaning bits of local lore, all on our own. (OK…you helped us out 'un po'…).With so much MORE to see, we are busy studying Italian (really!) and planning our NEXT trip with TourUumbria!"

Kim and Ryan Drobatz / Hidden Gems Tour
Concord, California

"We had an unforgettable adventure with TourUmbria on your Hidden Gems Tour. How did you ever manage to dig up these rare finds? Don’t worry, we won’t give away the secrets. Suffice it to say, you have peeked our curiosity. We can’t wait to get together again and see what other amazing mysteries you may have 'unearthed'!"

Chris and Mark Hickman / Hidden Gems Tour
Santa Fey, New Mexico

"We had the most wonderful time on the Italy Insight Tour. Thanks to TourUmbria, everything went without a hitch. Every destination was so amazing, we especially loved the evening tours. Gracelyn, the guide, did a super job. Amazing Rome and our accommodations there provided  an excellent place to finish off  a perfectly delightful journey. Thank you for all the wonderful work you put into our trip. We will be sure to tell people who 'made it happen' for us!"

Randy and Barb Hervey / Italy Insight Tour
St. John, Virgin Islands

"Nothing but superlatives regarding our trip with TourUmbria. We're still coming down from our Umbrian high! BTW, I did a little research on the Sagrantino grape is indeed only found in the Montefalco region, and has no known 'relatives.' Only about 250 acres are planted with the vine...Interesting! We will be in touch for our next Italian venture.”

Brian and Vicki Young /Custom Tour for Pine Peace Auction
Dallas, Texas

"Our days with TourUmbria were the best of our vacation. We were all talking about it for days! We never imagined that we would be privy to such a fabulous array of fine wines and that you would even cater to our specific preferences. We had a great time and hope to be back soon. In the mean time, I am sending all my friends your way! Lucky them!”

Joan, Owen and Family / Gourmet Tour
Washington D.C

"The wine tour is extremely dangerous!!! How are we supposed to revert to standard fare after THAT extravaganza??? It’s true what they say…. you can never go back….. Thanks for showing us the 'white' (and the red!)."

Kat and Dave Thompson / Wine Tour
St. John, Virgin Islands

"We were so very impressed with TourUmbria and had such a fun trip! The guides were wonderful and provided us with interesting history on the hillsides of Umbria, and ample comedic excerpts along the way. They were experts on the region and even introduced us to some of the locals during the trip! It made for a very exciting, personal and one-of-a- kind adventure. I'm so happy we chose TourUmbria! Impossible to have enjoyed it any more. Thanks!"

Kara F. and Company / Hidden Gems Tour
San Francisco, California


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