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Included: Transportation with professional drivers in clean, comfortable vans, breakfast and either lunch or dinner daily, all tour and entry fees, English speaking local guides.
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The following tours are available as daytrips or combined into a week long, cultural excursion.

Umbria Hill Towns Umbria's Hill Towns
Cost: 120 euros per person
Destinations: Todi, Orvieto, Spello, Montefalco, Bevagna
Meander through still thriving, medieval villages, arching walkways overhead. Tread the footsteps of Caesar, marveling at centuries-old architectural wonders. Take a leisurely stroll through the most beautiful "piazza" in Italy. Wave at the "nonna" (grandma) on her geranium deluged balcony.

Steal a glimpse of this old-world culture, the traditions and beliefs. Lose yourself in the magnificent panoramas while discovering the true meaning of the word, "Hilltown." Optional evening theater event at World’s Smallest Theater.

Etruscan Tales and Tombs Etruscan Tales and Tombs
Dates: open
120 euros per person
Destinations: Orvieto
Spend a scintillating day exploring Umbria's Etruscan heritage. Investigate a recently discovered tomb from 250 BC! These amazing people revealed much about their disappearing culture in “villages for the dead”. Burial chambers, thousands of years old, demonstrate a propensity for intricate urban planning in the layout of family plots not unlike cities designed for the living. Drop in on an Etruscan homestead and museum. Find out more about Etruscan culture on this incredible adventure.
Country Walking Tour Country Walking Tour
Dates: open
100 euros per person
Destinations: Areas around Spoleto, Assisi, Todi
Spend a day wandering the age-old footpaths trampled by Roman warriors. Relish the gorgeous countryside, complete with ancient ruins, eerie castles and dazzling VIEWS! Absorb shades of colors, blending and transforming, the inspiration for a multitude of artistic endeavors. Relax, take your time…appreciate the Italian passion for the “Dolce Far Niente”, sweetness of doing nothing. A gourmet picnic helps make this a day of sensual delights.
Ceramics Tour Ceramics Tour
Cost: 100 euros per person
Destinations: Deruta or Gualdo Tadino
This tour transports you to the very heart of the world famous ceramics district, the charming town of Deruta. After a spin through the Historic Center, stop to chat with local artisans who will outline the entire process of creating the pottery from scratch. Visit the production areas, learn about the various styles.

As a fascinating alternative: Tour the workshop of a local terra cotta manufacturer. This clayware dates back 500 years, as does the original speckled design in the style “Arte Povere” created for the “contadini”, local farmers.

Wine Tasting Tour Wine Tasting
Cost: 200 euros per person
Destinations: Start in Perugia - on to Spello, Torgiano, Montefalco
Tour the fascinating wine museum. Visit an incredible "enoteca" enjoying a privileged interview with a respected local "sommelier". Pay a visit to the “cantina” of a renowned vintner to explore the art of cultivating distinctive wines. Glean insights into the art of fine wine etiquette. completing the day with a remarkable wine tasting experience.

Wine Tasting Tour

Cooking Class
Gourmet or Country Cooking
Cost: Gourmet: 215 euros/person; Country: 150 euros/person
Destinations: Perugia, or an agriturismo near Todi or Assisi
Let's EAT! (Mangia! Mangia!) Start out with a trip to the local market pursuing the freshest produce; cherry tomatoes, rucola, truffles grown in Umbria's woodland, fresh made pecorino, antipasto with extra virgin olive oil from olives grown right here on Umbria's fertile soil!

Try your hand at creating homemade pasta or gnocchi under the discerning eye of a genuine Italian mamma or a professionally trained Italian chef. Garner cooking tips, flavor melding secrets, family recipes and much more! Now the best part, devouring your creations! Savor for yourself “La Dolce Vita”, the sweet life! Buon Appetitto!

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